Bacteria Based Cleaning

Bacteria Based Cleaning

Microbes are what sit at the heart of our cleaning revolution.

Historically they been used to produce yogurt, kombucha, and other fermented foods but they are now creating a revolution in household cleaning products with Clean Living International introducing a combination of Bacillus bacteria to natural detergents to create effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products which continue working long after the initial application.

Using Bacillus for cleaning isn’t new. Up until a few years ago all commercial kitchens used harsh, toxic chemicals to break down fats and oils in grease traps and on floors, but they are now switching to bacteria which is much more effective and much better for the environment.

Clean Living are now making these same advantages available to everyone through its range of bacteria-based cleaning products designed for different applications in and around the home.

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It’s a huge change as consumers have been conditioned to expect their cleaning products to kill microbes rather than add to them! To help the education process Clean Living’s Brand Ambassadors are given training at a microbial level, so can explain why the products provide a more effective and a longer lasting clean.

The creation of formulations containing live bacteria creates is a challenge that Clean Living has perfected. It produces recyclable sachets containing concentrates with carefully controlled numbers of “colony-forming units” which ensure that when diluted the concentration is carefully controlled to prove the most effective clean.

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