The Dirty Secrets in your Undersink Cupboard

The Dirty Secrets in your Undersink Cupboard

A typical UK household contains an alarming amount of hazardous chemicals, many of them lurking under the sink. A large proportion of seemingly harmless everyday items, such as toiletries, pesticides and even perfumes, are packed full of ingredients that harm both our health and our environment.

What’s the big deal?

The majority of the very products that we buy to clean our homes contain toxic chemicals, such as ammonia, chlorine, phosphate, solvents, and sodium hydroxide, all of which leave dangerous fumes and residues around the home.

These products, designed to eradicate bacteria, not only wipe out harmful microbes but also decimate the beneficial ones. This disruption of the delicate balance of bacteria in our homes can have far-reaching consequences.

One of the most pressing concerns associated with antibacterial cleaners is the promotion of bacterial resistance. Overuse of these products exerts a selective pressure on bacteria, favouring the survival and proliferation of resistant strains. This diminishes the effectiveness of antibacterial agents over time, rendering them less capable of combating harmful pathogens.

The British Lung Foundation has also warned that the chemical-based cleaning products that many use on a daily basis can contribute to asthma and other serious respiratory issues, as well as cause eczema and irritation to the skin.

What’s the solution?

Make a positive choice by switching to a new way of cleaning: a sustainable alternative that protects the health of your family and loved ones, and is kinder to the planet, too.

Clean Living’s extensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products harness the power of nature to deeply clean the home. Our biological solutions work using live, healthy bacteria which eat away at dirt and grime, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals in your home – and keep working long after you’ve finished cleaning.

The clever formulations are made using bacteria (Bacillus sp), natural detergents, and water, which are effective in breaking down dirt, grease and soils and destroying pathogens of all types. When applied to dirty surfaces, the bacteria cells multiply, generating vast numbers of enzymes that have the capacity to break down dirt, grease and soils into their natural elements. These are then easily removed by the detergents.

The more times our biological cleaning products are applied, the more robust and efficient the layer of protection becomes. Over time, the good bacteria stunts the regrowth of harmful bacteria, quickly and efficiently destroying it; exactly as it happens in nature all around us.

As an essential part of our busy family homes, our cleaning formulations are completely biodegradable, cruelty-free and pH neutral, as well as safe for use around children and animals.

To further lessen the environmental impact, formulations are shipped as concentrated sachets, which can be added to refillable aluminium bottles and diluted at home with tap water, limiting the shipping carbon footprint and reducing household waste.

Browse and subscribe to Clean Living International’s award-winning range here:



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