Keep your home cosy and clean the eco-way this autumn

Keep your home cosy and clean the eco-way this autumn

As we prepare to swap our summer sandals for winter woollies and retreat to the warmth of indoors, now is the perfect time to give your home a deep clean before the colder months arrive. But with many of us spending the majority of our time in the comfort of our own homes over winter, it’s important to think carefully before reaching for our usual cleaning products. Many traditional cleaning solutions contain nasty toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to our health, so opting for eco-friendly alternatives this autumn will not only keep our families and pets safe when the darker evenings draw in, but it will also keep the home sparkling, too.

To help you prepare a cosy and clean home this autumn, the multi-award-winning, eco-cleaning brand, Clean Living International has a variety of solutions:

Deep clean carpets

 Autumn nights are made for cosying up in front of the television or getting lost in a good book, but unsightly stains and lingering odours embedded deep into carpets can create an unpleasant environment! Refreshing your carpets and rugs will not only remove any bacteria lurking within the pile but will also leave it looking like new and smelling beautifully fragrant, making the living room a warm and welcoming haven this winter. 

Clean Living’s Dry Carpet Cleaner is one of the most advanced low-moisture dry carpet cleaning powders available, so you can achieve fresh and fragrant carpets without the hassle of waiting for them to dry out. Add the handy wooden brush for deep and thorough cleaning - simply apply the carpet cleaner and work in with the brush in a circular motion. 


Say goodbye to dust

 Did you know that most common furniture polishes are designed to actually attract dust? Say goodbye to pointless polish and yellow cloths that simply move dust particles around the surface. This 100% reusable Clean Living Multi-Cleaning Mitt is made from plush microfibre particles which use naturally occurring static to attract dust particles away from the furniture. Simply rub your hands together to charge the mitt and off you go - no need for harmful aerosols when you can harness the power of natural static! The mitt can be used effectively by itself or for tough marks, use a few spritzes of the Clean Living Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner.

Freshen up fabrics 

Get ready for Friday night movies and cosy mornings with a cup of tea by refreshing your sofas, cushions and soft furnishings.  Clean Living’s Biological Odour and Spot Remover is a multi-use must-have in every household! It contains naturally occurring microbes that attack bad bacteria to completely remove marks and unpleasant odours - simply spritz on using the handy spray bottle and bask in the gorgeous scent of autumnal crisp apple. For tougher marks, rub gently with a reusable microfibre cloth and your sofa will soon be ready to curl up on! It is also perfectly safe to use around pets as it contains no irritating chemicals which may harm sensitive noses, so dog beds can be cleaned with ease.

Once your deep autumn clean is complete, it’s time to grab a blanket, light a candle and get cosy! For more eco-cleaning advice and to browse Clean Living International’s full range, please visit 

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