Natures Way - Removing Chemicals & Plastic Waste

Natures Way - Removing Chemicals & Plastic Waste

A new range of revolutionary cleaning products has been launched. The Clean Living range of natural household cleaning products gives a more powerful, long-lasting clean. All while helping to reduce single use plastic waste.

Clean Living products contain healthy bacteria that create enzymes to provide effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that penetrate deep and attack the dirt that conventional chemicals leave behind. The enzymes keep protecting surfaces even after you’ve finished cleaning them, to give a gentle but super effective clean.   

Aside from the impressive cleaning results, what makes Clean Living products truly remarkable is the packaging. The stylish aluminium bottles are reusable, and distinctly differ from the brash, brightly colour bottles plastered in hazard labels due to the toxic contents inside seen in the cleaning product and bleach aisle in supermarkets. After an initial purchase, the aluminium bottle can be reused again and again, by simply adding  concentrate from a Clean Living sachet and topping it up with tap water. This not only reduces plastic waste but also reduces the carbon impact of shipping water filled bottles around the country. The sachets can then also be returned and recycled by Clean Living to complete the sustainability cycle.     

There are nine household cleaning products, split into Home, Kitchen and Bathroom ranges. Each is colour co-ordinated to guide on which product to use where, and with which accompanying micro-fibre cloth. The yellow Home range consists of an Odour and Spot Remover; a Multi-purpose Cleaner; a Glass Cleaner; and a Dry Carpet Cleaner that dissolves and removes dirt and grime from carpet fibres and can simply be vacuumed up afterwards. The Kitchen range, in blue, has a Bin Odour Eliminator; a Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser that breaks through fats, oils and grease; and a Limescale Remover that is based on an organic salt solution which reacts with the limescale for effortless and safe removal. There is also a Bathroom range with a Bathroom Cleaner and Drain Maintainer solution.

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