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It seems that microbes are becoming fashionable!

Microbial life is everywhere. In fact, you and I are more microbe than human as human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count. The rest are microbes!

It seems crazy that we’re only now beginning to understand that microbes are essential for us to live a healthy life. The combination of microbes in our gut is called out ‘gut microbiome’. A healthy gut microbiome is made up of many types of healthy microbes which break down the food we eat and extract the nutrients which help build our immune system. Without these microbes we would simply not survive.

Home Microbiome

At Clean Living we extend the same concept into the microbiome of our homes. Our products are designed to both clean our surfaces and help build the sort of healthy home microbiome that keeps bad microbes at bay to keep our families and pets safe.

Clean Living’s biological products are built using live, friendly microbes which both break down dirt, remove nasty odours and stop dangerous mould, bacteria and viruses taking hold.

They are the complete opposite of bleach and other toxic cleaners which are literally designed to kill all microbes, whether they are good or bad.

Good Bacteria

Think about it. Our gut microbiome would be destroyed if we all had a swig of bleach everyday. Our immune system would fail and we’d die… yet most people quite literally destroy the microbiome in their home every single day through the use of toxic chemicals leaving the door open for harmful pathogens to take hold.

So what are microbes? Microbes are simply organisms that are too small to be seen without using a microscope! They include Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and lesser known Archaea and Protists. We’re still learning but one thing we know is that they all share one thing in common with the rest of life on earth, they need energy to survive. They get this energy by breaking down organic materials.

It's The Future

Around 20 years ago there was very little interest in the ways that microbes, ie bacteria could impact be used to make a positive impact on our lives. There were some probiotic drinks on the market (remember Yakult which has been around for decades) but the whole topic was considered to be a fad which would quickly fade.

Things changed around 2015 when science began to research the impact the bacteria that live in our gut have on our overall health. Since then thousands of research papers have propelled an industry which is now worth billions with once side-lined fermented food becoming mainstream.

The positive impact that a healthy ‘gut microbiome’ has on our overall health, and especially on our immune systems is now a leading edge of science. The general message is becoming clear, we are healthier as individuals if our diet is rich in microbial diversity. As well as helping us extract more nutritional benefit from the food we eat, it helps build our defence systems enabling us to resist pathogens, which are defined as bacteria and viruses that can cause disease.

Now Breathe

Clean Living are now taking the next step to help maintain a healthy home once it’s been created by releasing the Clean Living “Breathe” range of home fragrance products.

We all like our homes to smell clean and fresh, but all too often we use chemical laden sprays, ‘air fresheners’ and candles which are inhaled by family, pets and guests.

Clean Livings Amber Range consists of candles, home mist room spray, diffuser and incense sticks all designed to be as natural and mood enhancing as they possibly can be. They work alongside the multi-award winning cleaning products to help you create and maintain a truly Healthy Home.

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