Multi-Use Scrubby - Pack Of 3

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Teamed with our cleaning products, these textured cloths help to gently agitate stubborn marks and scale for effective removal. Use our Microfibre Cloths afterwards for a beautiful finish on any hard surface.

Our Multi-use Scrubby's are fantastic to use in all areas of your home to remove stubborn marks and dirt. We recommend keeping one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one on the garage. They can be used to help shift limescale, buff shower screens and bathtubs, deep clean work tops and even remove mud from footwear.They wash fantastically so you can reuse them numerous times and avoid adding to landfill.

Usage Instructions

After each use, wash in your machine at 60 degrees using our Eco-Friendly Laundry Strips. Do not add softener or bleach to the load as they will damage the fibres and affect their ability to remove dirt and grime. Hang to dry after washing then store in a dry place ready for use again.

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