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Less plastic, less chemicals, less waste and hassle.

Who are Clean Living?

Founded in the UK in 2018 by our in-house biochemist and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, Clean Living has been on a mission ever since to make every home both clean AND healthy.

It seems crazy we are only now becoming aware of the impact of toxic-ridden products on our personal health as well as on the environment.

Clean Living was the first in the UK domestic market to pioneer the use of healthy bacteria to offer a kinder, more sustainable alternative to household cleaning.

It’s time to put our Home Health first

How toxic is your home?

Traditional cleaning products, often in single-use plastic bottles, contain hazardous chemicals and contribute to environmental pollution in so many ways, including excess CO2 emissions, plastic waste and polluted waterways that are harmful to marine life.

What’s more, using these products literally destroys the microbiome in your home, leaving the door open for harmful pathogens to take hold. Traditional cleaning products are now linked to adverse family health, including respiratory diseases, allergies and even cancer.

Why would you kill 99% of bacteria in your home when most bacteria actually protect you?

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A whole new way of cleaning

Think about it. Your gut microbiome would be destroyed if you had a swig of bleach every day. Your immune system would fail, and then you’d die. 

But just like in your gut, most bacteria in your home are not only harmless but actually beneficial to your family’s wellbeing.

Clean Living’s naturally biological formulas protect the health of your loved ones by caring for the microbiome of your home, while protecting the natural world.

It’s time to think about your undersink cupboard as being as important as your medicine cabinet.

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Sustainability in every drop

At Clean Living, we believe that protecting your home shouldn't come at the earth's expense. That's why we've developed sustainable solutions to household cleaning that also work brilliantly. 

Our refillable aluminium bottles and concentrate sachets significantly reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Aluminium, being infinitely re-usable, offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and our concentrate sachets mean less water transported, further reducing our carbon footprint.

The plant-derived ingredients in our cleaners are also biodegradable, breaking down harmlessly in the environment.

All our products are designed to be effective and also to minimise environmental impact.

How we protect waterways

Empowering Consumers

The days of shopping without a second thought are over. 

We aim to educate and empower our customers to make the choices that lead to a healthier home and a healthier planet.

Our sustainable approach ensures that when you choose Clean Living, you're not just buying a cleaning product; you're making a statement. You're saying YES to protecting your family's health and YES to a sustainable lifestyle.

Choose to clean with conscience. Choose Clean Living.

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Let's Save The Planet

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Dramatically reduced CO2 emissions

Reduced toxic chemical usage in the home

Produced locally in Great Britain

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