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We're challenging the traditional, toxic ways of cleaning homes by making every home both clean AND healthy.

Our eco-friendly, naturally-derived cleaning products harness the power of good bacteria to protect the health of your family, your home and the planet.

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Protect your Home Microbiome.

Boost Your Immunity

The home microbiome exposes us to a variety of microbes, training our immune system to distinguish between harmful pathogens and harmless organisms, enhancing our disease-fighting capabilities.

Shield You From Allergies

The microbiome in our homes introduces us to diverse, benign microorganisms, teaching our immune systems to recognize what's truly harmful, which can decrease our chances of developing allergies.

Make a Healthy Home

A diverse home microbiome enriches mental and skin health, educates children on hygiene, and fosters environmental sustainability, enhancing overall family health and happiness.

For a Healthy Home

A Healthy Kitchen

Protect the healthy microbes in your kitchen and support your immunity and wellbeing.
Healthy Kitchen

For a Healthy Home

A Healthy Bathroom

Protect the healthy microbes in your bathroom and support your immunity and wellbeing.
Healthy Bathroom

For a Healthy Home

Protect Your Pets

Be kinder to your furry friends by using our naturally inspired formulas on household surfaces.
Pet Friendly Cleaning

For a Healthy Sports Bag

Sports Enthusiasts

Healthy lifestyle, healthy cleaning. Remove stains and odours from your gym kit with our probiotic formulas.
Healthy sports cleaning