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Subscriber Club

Members of our Subscriber Club benefit from a range of exclusive perks designed to enhance their shopping experience and commitment to "cleaning with conscience" over the long term. Upon joining, members immediately receive a 10% discount on all refill sachets, a testament to our dedication to both affordability and environmental sustainability.

In addition to this instant benefit, our club offers the flexibility to create a fully amendable personal plan, ensuring that our members' specific needs are always met with ease.

Our Subscriber Club


Our Affiliate Programme suits online affiliates and influencers who love our passion for using healthy cleaning products in your home and want to share it with your followers and communities. You build a passive income spreading the Clean Living vision without the hassle of holding or distributing stock.

Our Affiliate Programme

Brand Ambassador

You can make a difference to the planet whilst earning an income. We have a growing community of Brand Ambassadors who do just that!

Our Ambassador Programme suits anyone from the environmentally conscious to the entrepreneurial minded, who love our passion for using our award winning healthy cleaning products and wants to share them with their friends and customers. You create a sustainable business model and spread the Clean Living vision without the hassle of holding or distributing stock. As a Brand Ambassador you also have the opportunity to build your own team of Ambassadors and grow your own community.

Our Ambassador Programme