Our Story

The Beginning

Our Clean living journey started in 2017 when a small group of like-minded individuals, one being a bio-chemist, were profoundly moved by a very influential programme that hit our TV screens.

There had to be a way to stop 99% of homes using toxic filled plastic cleaning bottles in their homes, many of which contained products causing serious health problems. 1.35 billion plastic cleaning bottles were being used in Great Britain alone, only 10% were being recycled. This number is estimated to be more like 50 billion globally. The statistics went on and on…

The Problem

These cleaning products were filled with 3% aggressive chemicals and 97% water and being shipped from factory to distribution depots to supermarkets to our homes, emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every single year... which contributes directly to global climate change

We are told to disinfect everything and in the process we destroy our homes natural microbiome which protects us naturally

As individuals we felt helpless in the face of what are promoted as global challenges, and there is a lack of both ownership and responsibility for the problems we faced.

There had to be a better way in which we can all make a positive difference in our homes and our communities.

The Better Way

Our mission became to build a global community of people who want to take responsibility:

Environmental Responsibility

There is no good reason for domestic cleaning products to be toxic! 

Societal Responsibility

People can generate an income from promoting products that have a positive impact in their local communities

Bio-Technical Responsibility

We are learning that a 'disinfected home' is not a healthy one. Healthy bacteria can create a healthy home microbiome

Join Us & Make a Difference

We sincerely hope you choose to join us and become part of this amazing community of people.

You can start today.

Whether it is simply using our range of eco-friendly products to have a healthier home or becoming part of our Ambassador and Affiliate network, educating those around you that there is a better way.

Become an Ambassador
  • Caring

    On surfaces, materials, skin, towards the planet and towards each other.

  • Living

    Helping you live more responsibly, respecting and preserving the environment.

  • Environment

    Enjoy living spaces that are free from harsh chemicals and stay cleaner for longer.

  • Aspirational

    We help others to change their ways. Positively impacting our planet.

  • Natural

    Wherever possible, we use natural formulations, free from harsh chemicals.

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