Eco Friendly Washing Up Liquid Refill Sachet (Pack Of 3)

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The eco-friendly way to clean your dishes.

Our environmentally considerate washing up liquid powder uses just four ingredients, all plant derived and entirely biodegradable.

We want to change the way people wash up. Gone are the days where all the dirty dishes are piled into a sink filled with grubby water and detergent. Rinse plates under the tap, squirt the liquid onto dish cloth or plate, rub clean and rinse under the tap. Quick and simple without spreading the grease and dirt onto crockery and cutlery... and the bottle lasts a whole lot longer!

For best results we suggest:

  1. Fill the bottle halfway with warm water (not hot enough to burn yourself!)
  2. Add the powder from the sachet
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water.
  4. Screw on the pump and give it a good shake to help it dissolve.

By using warm water and not putting the powder in first this helps the powder to properly dissolve and not become 'gloopy' at the bottom of the bottle.

It is also good practice to rinse out your bottle with warm water before refilling and flushing through the pump by squirting some of this warm water through it.


Olefin Sulfonate is an anionic surfactant. That may sound scary but it’s a natural product derived from coconut oil. It is from sulphates, not linked to palm trees and is vegan-friendly.

Sodium benzoate also sounds very technical but is in fact a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits. We use a food-grade variant which is effective as a preservative against gram-bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

Citric acid comes straight from citrus fruits.

Cellulose is entirely plant based.


Pour powder into 300ml aluminium bottle, top up with water from the tap, fit trigger spray and shake for a few seconds.


We care deeply about the environment and work continually to improve the environmental credentials of our products. Working to product even more sustainable products in the future.
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