Eco Kitchen Cleaning Duo

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A must for every healthy kitchen. Discover the perfect pair of microbial, eco-friendly cleaning products that will effectively clean your kitchen while promoting a green lifestyle.

Our Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful and versatile biological cleaning solution capable of the deepest clean across a wide variety of hard surfaces. It contains an advanced active formulation using live, healthy bacteria which completely remove dirt, deep inside surface pores where bacteria and viruses breed. So you get a superior clean without harsh chemicals.

Our Clean Living Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser is suitable for use on all washable kitchen surfaces and breaks down grease, oil and fatty residues for effortless removal. It is natural and super effective. It effortlessly removes grease, oil and fatty residues from kitchen surfaces, leaving no nasty residues behind.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Duo lets you prepare your meals safe in the knowledge that your worktops are clean, toxin free and, most importantly, healthy.

What makes the Kitchen Cleaning Duo:

  • 2 x 300ml Refillable Long-life Aluminium Bottles (Empty to reduce your CO2 footprint)
  • 2 x Colour Co-ordinated High Quality Glass Microfibre Cloths
  • 1 x Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser Refill Sachet (10:1 concentrate to reduce your CO2 footprint)
  • 1 x Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill Sachet (10:1 concentrate to reduce your CO2 footprint)
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