Eco Friendly Cleaning Kit For Kids

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Kids Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit complete with stickers and fun usage sheet. Suitable for children aged 5-11 with parental supervision. Usage and care instructions included with kit.

Please note that you will need to have the Eco-Friendly Complete Cleaning Kit (or at very least the full size Kitchen Degreaser, Glass Cleaner and Multi-purpose cleaner bottles) in order to fill these bottles as they do not come with their own concentrate sachets. Parents / Carers / Grandparents / Schools, please simply fill the 50ml mini bottles directly from your 300ml bottles.

For your little helpers.  This Kids Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit allows your children to be like you and take part in cleaning jobs whilst being safe.  Our smaller box keeps their cleaning kit tidy with stickers so that they can customise if you have more than one helper in your home!  Comes with instruction leaflet for adults and fun usage sheet for the younger user.


  • 1 x Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser (50 ml) bottle
  • 1 x Glass Cleaner (50 ml) bottle
  • 1 x Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner (50 ml) bottle
  • 1 x blue microfibre cloth
  • 2 x yellow microfibre cloth
  • Eco pen
  • Sticker sheet
  • Fun fact sheet with crossword puzzle
  • Does NOT come with its own concentrate refills
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