A view from an Ambassador: Top Tips For Finding Your Eco-Mojo

A view from an Ambassador: Top Tips For Finding Your Eco-Mojo

Philosophical and reflective. That was my frame of mind at the start of this year and it seems to be sticking with me. In a good way though!

Setting up Clean Living set me on a journey to make simple changes and carefully consider the products I buy in terms of what’s inside them, where they come from and the packaging they come in. It may sound like a mammoth task but it’s honestly easier than you think! Small adjustments as a product runs out have become part of my routine and it gives me a massive sense of achievement to know that I am contributing to creating a better environment – both inside and outside my home.

What I have struggled with is seeing the big picture when doing it in isolation.

I love travelling and meeting new people, so I decided to set out to find other folks who have the same approach to protecting the environment that I share with the Clean Living team. Any excuse to have a natter and a bit of an explore!

Strength in numbers

I believe that a group of people committed to creating change will generate much-needed positive results for our environment. And – after a bit of research – I was delighted to find many like-minded people and businesses who are definitely on the same page as Clean Living.

When you dedicate a little bit of time you find inspirational people doing amazing things to protect the environment. I found zero-waste restaurants pioneering places that recycle or reuse everything(materials and left over ingredients) and also use heat energy from the kitchens to heat the restaurant. Spring at Somerset House is a great example of this.

There are ethical fashion designers out there who have made a commitment to creating sustainable clothing and are making a real difference with their approach. I even found companies that use the smallest amount of packaging possible and what packaging they do use is 100% recyclable.

I found Clean Living’s own refill-reuse-recycle system in so many other businesses. Exciting times! We’re definitely not alone and this approach is only going to get bigger. Not because it’s trendy or fashionable but because our climate is in desperate need of it.

There’s positive influence everywhere.

I really admire the people and organisations out there that are truly influencing the way we, as consumers (and responsible citizens!), think and respond to our modern-day challenges. It energises me and makes me feel proud to be in a community that’s tackling the big issues of climate change, plastic waste and environmental protection.

Two such influencers have had a great impact on me personally. I love their philosophy and ambition and what they’re trying to achieve, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share their names with you here.

Marine Conservation Society: Now, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the beach clean events this brilliant organisation manages. I’d encourage everyone to get involved because, firstly, it’s great fun and, secondly, it’s an essential activity needed to protect our seas and oceans. The beach cleans are just one of a whole bunch of amazing initiatives MCS is responsible for, but one of the easiest to join in with. They’re a win-win in my book!

Venetia Falconer: Influential podcaster and presenter whose incite ranges from slowing down fast fashion, to developing your own low-waste cooking techniques and embracing sustainable life swaps. In my experience, she always has something thought-provoking to say.

Creating a community.

Clean with conscience. That’s precisely why I joined Clean Living, setting up my business to educate people that there is a better way to clean their homes. I’m proud of the fact I can honestly say – hand on heart – that our range of cleaning products do no harm to the environment and I’m thrilled that I’ve found other companies of all sizes making change and offering products that will (literally) save the planet.

I adore sharing ideas and finding people who share a similar philosophy. It invigorates and reminds me that change is possible. You just have to create your own community or join one that has the same effect on you.

Join us on our quest!

You may not know this, but we have a team of amazing individuals who have already joined our cleaning evolution and are on an educational quest to spread the word about our products. They’re out and about demonstrating our products and talking to potential community members about how Clean Living can protect their homes, health and environment. And that’s all while they create an income for themselves through a home-based business that will save the planet! Superheroes!

If you’re as passionate as I am about the environment and in particular keeping our waterways healthy for future generations, why not join us? You can learn how by filling in your details and downloading our free info pack here.

Sharing is caring.

That’s what I’ve found. Creating a revolution in the way we think and act in our environment is about sharing ideas and joining communities. There are so many great initiatives out there with incredible people behind them. I’m proud to be involved, how about you?



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